Electromagnetic Flow Meter
-> Accurasy : +/-0.5%
-> Measurement Range (Flow rate) : 0.01-15 m/s
-> conductivity of medium : more than 5 ms/cm.
-> protection grade : IP 65, (req. IP 67, IP 68).
-> Electromaterial : Titanium.
-> Lining Material : polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
-> Power supply : AC220V / DC24V /DC3.6V.
-> Signal Output : Analog 4-20mA,0Hz-50Khz,2 alarm outputs : high and low limit alarm
Communication : RS 485, RS 232, MODBUS, HART, PROFIBUS-DP.
-> ISO 9001 & ISO 4064.
-> Warranty 2 Years ( Full Services and Spare parts )

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM
SHM electromagnetic flow meter : Digital Flow Meter for condutive liquid case are made
from carbon steel, Electrode from titanium and linning from PTFE.
Novable parts in this meters, no loss pressure, simple structure,reliable. The accuracy
are not affected by the change of measured medium’s pressure density, temperature
viscosity & other, power comsumtion below 20 w.

Widely applied in the fields of chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, food and beverange &
pharmaceutical industry water & waste water, agriculture & irrigation, paper marking.


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