Sewage Flow Meter SHM 2 Inch
Specifications : 
Size : 2 Inch ( 50mm )
Working Temperature : 0.1⁰C – 50⁰C
Max Presure : 16 Bar
Maximum Error : ± 20%
Max Flow Qmmax : 30 M³/Hour
Continues Flow Qn : 15 M³/Hour
Transitional Flow Qt : 3 M³ /Hour
Min Flow Qmin : 0.45 M³ /Hour
Dimension : L X H ( 200mm X 272mm
Weight : 10 Kg

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Sewage Flow Meter SHM 2 Inch
SHM sewage Meters : Analog / Mechanical flow meter for water & waster water
is an epoxy coated cast iron,it has gret flow rate measure and resistant from many
light chemical and corrosion. It can be used for remote reading transmission system
as equipped with build-in sensor ( optional) and with data longger, it can record for
last six months logs.

SHM Sewage Meter can be used for :
– Sewage treatment plant ( stp ) Ie. Hospital, Hotel
Industrial, Mall, Residential, Palm Oil, Etc.
– Raw Water, Sludge water and many others
– Inlet & Outlet Water Treatment.
– Best suited for pump system and high flow rate.

-Easy Instalation & Mantenance.
– Dry dial,Mgnetic drive.
– High by pas & very low head loss.
– Glass Vacuum sealed register, free from condesation and remain clear for long term
– Working temperature 0.1-50°C for cold water and 0-90°C hot water
– Max.Pressure : 16 bar. Max.Error :+/-2%
– Protection Grade : IP 68.
– ISO 9001 & ISO 4064.


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